Conservation Report: 2017-2018 - Columbia Land Trust
Our latest report shows, in vivid detail, all the ways you make a difference when you support Columbia Land Trust.


Cover from Conservation Report 1718

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Each year, thousands of people like you make Columbia Land Trust’s work possible. Supporters carry us forward by donating time and money, joining tours, restoring habitat in backyards and on conserved lands, and spreading the word about their local land trust.

Your support is driving truly herculean efforts across the Columbia River region. Together, in 2017 we conserved and successfully raised funds to conserve 10,100 acres of critical wildlife habitat from the high desert to the Pacific Ocean.

By securing grants and building strong partnerships, we’ve leveraged your annual gifts into about $16.3 million for conservation. The Backyard Habitat Certification Program grew to involve more than 4,500 households. On the land, we completed the removal of the eight-mile-long Klickitat River logging road and many other important restoration projects across forests, rivers, meadows, and wetlands. Most importantly, in 2017 we prepared, adopted, and began to implement a 25-year Conservation Agenda for the region.

If you crave more detail, our new Conservation Report illustrates every major conservation success and stewardship project from 2017, along with detailed accounts of the work we’ll accomplish in 2018 with your continued support. We’ve also added a new section to the beginning of the report that describes broader, community-driven strategies for protecting working lands, sustainable forests, and habitat corridors, while connecting more people to nature.

We encourage you to use this report to better understand where your donations go.

Read the full 2017-2018 Conservation Report.

Explore the photos of the places, people, and wildlife at the heart of our work. Learn how we’re working with urgency and purpose to protect places from the immediate threat of development, while also conserving areas most vital to wildlife amidst a changing climate. See why we’re investing time and resources to become a more culturally-responsive organization and support a broader, more inclusive conservation vision for the Northwest.

We live in harrowing times. But as you can see in the pages of this report, each of us has the power to care for the Northwest in ways that are lasting, local, and rooted in fearless action.

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