Fearless Conservation - Columbia Land Trust

Fearless Conservation is a once-in-a-generation campaign to launch Columbia Land Trust’s 25-year Conservation Agenda. This agenda outlines what we will do over the next four years, and the next quarter-century, to protect our most important Northwest places. We are looking to the future with a sharpened focus and a commitment to practicing what we call “fearless conservation.”

To succeed in protecting nature, amidst the daunting challenges of our time, we need more people to band together. We ask that you give fearlessly to this remarkable corner of the world. Join us in creating a future for the Northwest that is vibrant, thriving, and wild.

One River, Five Regions

Protecting a mosaic of lands and waters unique to the world

Our conservation agenda summarizes our top geographic priorities across each of the Lower Columbia’s five ecologically distinct regions. Explore the map above to see each Conservation Opportunity Area, and learn about our regional objectives below.

In addition to where we work, our agenda outlines our approach, blending sound science and strong relationships to connect people to nature and arrive at collaborative, equitable solutions.

Read the conservation agenda summary.