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Nestled between the Coast and Cascade Ranges, these fertile valleys are home to more than two million people, who enjoy the parks and green spaces crucial to wildlife. Populations here are projected to grow by 50 percent, leading to habitat loss, land use changes, & increased demands on natural resources. Columbia Land Trust’s overarching strategy is to conserve areas vital to migrating wildlife, provide stepping stones of habitat in the urban landscape, and partner with local groups to connect people to nature nearby.

Regional Objectives

Willamette Valley Puget Trough Map

RESTORE the health and function of the floodplains, riverside forests, and wetlands associated with our rivers.

PROTECT, maintain, and restore oak and prairie habitats.

MAKE urban areas more conducive to wildlife through thousands of nature-scaped properties that allow pollinators, resident and migrating birds, and other wildlife to move across the landscape.

BUILD strong partnerships between agriculture and conservation communities to benefit wildlife habitat, movement, and migration.

PROVIDE meaningful opportunities for people to connect to nature throughout cities and natural areas.

Conservation Opportunity Areas

Priority 1: Columbia River Lowlands, Tualatin River
Priority 2: Forest Park, Clackamas River & Tributaries, Pudding River, Dundee Oaks, Molalla River
Priority 3: Other important areas

The Agenda at Work

Lorena Headshot“Nature is always changing. It reminds us that we need not fear change.”

—LORENA O’NEILL, Backyard Habitat Technician

Lorena O’Neill draws daily inspiration from wildlife in her naturescaped backyard in Portland’s West Haven-Sylvan neighborhood. Since 2009, more than 3,600 households across the Portland metropolitan area have helped support local wildlife while becoming environmental stewards in their own communities through the Backyard Habitat Certification Program.* In the years ahead, we’ll connect an additional 5,000 households and 12 community institutions to nature through the program while also supporting local partners in adding to the metro region’s system of parks and natural areas.

*The Backyard Habitat Certification Program is a run partnership with the Bird Alliance of Oregon.

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