Restoration Stories

Jubitz Foundation Gives $10K for Hood River Restoration

Good news for the Hood River and all of its neighbors! The Jubitz Foundation is awarding Columbia Land Trust $10,000 to improve the shoreline of the lower Hood River. The demolition of the old Powerdale Dam left a barren, weedy riverbank, but this grant will help us transform that very site into a forest of the…

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Muddy, but worth it: We Plant 35,000 Trees and Shrubs at Kandoll Farm.

Sure, there were logistical challenges: horrible weather, boot-sucking mud, king tides, and the fact that we had to bring in most of the trees and plants by boat. Nonetheless, thanks to the stewardship team, Land Trust volunteers, and very hard-working crews, we planted 35,000 trees and shrubs on our Kandoll Farm site this spring. The…

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At Indian Jack Slough, New Homes for Purple Martins

We’re welcoming purple martins to Indian Jack Slough! This spring Columbia Land Trust and Willapa Hills Audubon teamed up to install two purple martins colonies onsite. Akin to the condominium of bird houses, each colony contains 18 dangling gourds that can hold up to 18 nesting pairs and their chicks. Purple martins, the largest of…

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Meadowscaping Brings Life to Portland Gardens.

Lawns may be common, but they provide little benefit to bugs, bees, and birds—nor do they filter storm water well. That’s why Columbia Land Trust has partnered up with Pacific Northwest Urban Meadowscaping. Our collective goal is to create an easy-to-implement program that will inspire homeowners to replace their non-native grass lawns with gorgeous Willamette…

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On the Wallacut, We’re Welcoming Back the Water.

We’re gearing up for Wallacut River restoration 2014! The Lower Columbia River Estuary is the last river stop in the epic journey of young salmon making their way to the ocean. The more food and shelter they find there, the stronger they’ll be when they hit the ocean, and the better their chances are to…

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Caring for an Island of Life in Vancouver’s Orchards Neighborhood

Surrounded by a gravel pit, an old airport, and block after block of suburban and industrial development, 10-acre Green Cathedral doesn’t exemplify most people’s idea of wildness. On the other hand, it is a cathedral (of sorts). The former farm is one of the last remnants of green space in this part of Vancouver’s Orchards…

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Mussel Mass
With a healthy population of western pearlshells, Schoolhouse Creek is going strong.