On the Wallacut, We're Welcoming Back the Water. - Columbia Land Trust

We’re gearing up for Wallacut River restoration 2014!

The Lower Columbia River Estuary is the last river stop in the epic journey of young salmon making their way to the ocean. The more food and shelter they find there, the stronger they’ll be when they hit the ocean, and the better their chances are to one day return to spawn. This summer, we will give 113 acres of lost wetlands and side channels back to the river and its fish at the confluence of the Columbia and Wallacut Rivers at Baker Bay near Ilwaco, Washington. A dike will be leveled, ditches filled, and side channels re-created. The tide will ebb and flow onto land as it hasn’t for almost 100 years. We’ll keep you abreast of the restoration progress as we welcome the water and wildlife back to the land. –Nadia Gardner