Fieldbook Crawls Out for Spring - Columbia Land Trust
Our first edition of our 2018 Fieldbook magazine is now out!

Our newest edition of Fieldbook has all the wildlife and conservation stories you’re looking for this spring. In this issue, we break open some preconceived notions about unloved wildlife from moles to spiders, what it looks like to be an outdoors person, and how climate resilience informs our work.

  • Learn how Jenny Bruso, self-identified fat, femme, queer, writer, and hiker, is challenging the outdoor world in An Unlikely Story. 
  • Read about a local man’s quest to redeem one of nature’s most misunderstood creatures in Spider Whisperer. 
  • Discover how climate resilience guides Columbia Land Trust’s conservation agenda in Weathering the Storm. 
  • Learn what moles—the unloved ground dwellers of the Earth—have to offer in our eye-opening Species Spotlight.
  • And finally, read how farming experiments in Vancouver, WA are helping sandhill cranes feel at home in Hear the Cranes Come.

You can also read Fieldbook cover to cover by viewing the digital PDF, which includes The Muse, events, and other information. Interested in receiving issues of our magazine right to your home? We mail copies of our publication to each of our members three times per year. Give to Columbia Land Trust today and you’ll be subscribed automatically!

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