2015 Restoration day at Dharma Rain Zen Center
Roll up your sleeves alongside the Land Trust's Emerging Leaders Council at NE Portland's Dharma Rain Zen Center for a day of backyard habitat restoration.

Curious about Columbia Land Trust’s Emerging Leaders Council? Here’s your opportunity work alongside this group of young professionals who like to get outside, protect the environment, meet new people, and support local communities. You’re invited to garden, restore habitat, and weed with monks at the Dharma Rain Zen Center’s Backyard Habitat with center participants and Emerging Leaders Council members. This is our 4th annual ELC event with Dharma Rain!

About the Emerging Leaders Council

the young professionals on our Emerging Leaders Council share passions for the outdoors, conservation, and life in the Northwest. Founded in 2014, the Emerging Leaders Council is charged with building upon Columbia Land Trust’s mission of conservation among their peers. Check out our current council roster.

About Dharma Rain

The Dharma Rain Zen Center is celebrating its 5th anniversary of transforming a 14-acre brownfield into a certified Backyard Habitat. Through a community project called “Planting Zen”, what was once a landfill located at the base of Rocky Butte will become a space for spiritual practice, community connection, and native habitat. You can learn more about the Dharma Rain “Planting Zen” project on their website and in the news.

Safety Considerations

Be prepared to encounter blackberry thorns, navigate some modestly steep slopes, use hand tools, and do a bit of lifting and moving.  Inclement weather is possible, so please come prepared for unpredictable NW weather.

What to Bring

Wear solid shoes, long pants for blackberry protection, and clothing appropriate for rain, sun, or cold. Bring a water bottle. Tools, gloves, and refreshments will be provided.

Where to Meet

The project is located at the Dharam Rain Zen Center at 8500 NE Siskiyou, Portland OR. Enter through the gate and park in the parking lot.

To Participate

Please confirm your attendance by emailing the Emerging Leaders Council at: elc.columbialandtrust[at]gmail.com.