Powerdale Corridor - Columbia Land Trust
Learn about our work at the Powerdale Corridor Natural Area.

Columbia Land Trust and Hood River County conserved 400 acres at the north end of the Hood River, commonly referred to as the Powerdale Corridor. In 2010, the Powerdale Dam was removed, allowing the glacial fed cold waters of the Hood River to run more freely and Pacific lamprey to explore the upper reaches of the river. The four-mile corridor hosts salmon and steelhead plus terrestrial wildlife habitat, and unofficial local access for fishing and recreation.

You can view the Powerdale Corridor from the Indian Creek Trail, which is operated by the Hood River Valley Parks and Recreation District. This trail also crosses a portion of the Hood River County-owned parcel on the north end of the Powerdale Corridor. Please note that the Indian Creek Trail is located up on a hillside and does not provide access to the Hood River. Click here for information about the Indian Creek Trail.

In 2023 Columbia Land Trust worked with the Parks & Recreation District to extend the Indian Creek Trail onto Land Trust-owned property on the west side of the Powerdale Corridor. In addition to making the trail extension possible, conserving this site protected wildlife habitat along the lower Hood River, creating a buffer between the river and residential communities. Click here to read more about this project.

Columbia Land Trust has a long-term management plan that outlines our vision for future recreation and access to the Powerdale Corridor Natural Area, which you can view here.