Land of Yakamas - Columbia Land Trust


“The history of our people is the history of this land.” – Davis Washines

We are excited to share the powerful new Land of Yakamas film, produced by the Yakama Nation whose native lands extend along the Cascade Range and the Columbia River. The 9-minute film explores humans’ connection to the earth, climate change, and our responsibility to future generations.

Columbia Land Trust is proud to work alongside the Yakama Nation to restore salmon habitat on the Klickitat River, and to share in caring for our earth, together.

Two Columbia Land Trust board members, Aja DeCoteau and Elaine Harvey, are members of the Yakama Nation, and Elaine is featured in the film.

“Our tribe, we believe in the importance of everything, from the smallest insect to the largest bird, and that where we live, everything is connected. The Klickitat River, the White Salmon River, the Wind River…all these rivers, are tributaries of Nchi’-wana, the Columbia River, which in our ways and our beliefs, is the main artery of this land.” – Elaine Harvey

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