Jason Mraz Helps Portland School Achieve Backyard Habitat Certification! - Columbia Land Trust

The Backyard Habitat Certification Program had a special visitor on Friday. Singer-songwriter superstar Jason Mraz joined Columbia Land Trust’s Gaylen Beatty and two fifth-grade classes at Portland’s Sunnyside Elementary to put the finishing touches on a Certified Backyard Habitat. Mraz, who has been promoting urban gardens and stewardship of the land during his recent tour, stopped by before a show at the Keller Auditorium to help Gaylen and the Sunnyside students install a habitat garden at the school. The Sunnyside project features native plantings and landscaping to help create healthy habitats for birds and other wildlife, and it was fully designed and implemented by the school’s fifth-graders and their teacher Monica Eckrich. Great job Jason and Sunnyside!

Click here to check out the article in the Oregonian for more details and pictures! And click here to learn more about the Backyard Habitat Certification program and how you can get involved!