WE ARE FEARLESS - Columbia Land Trust
Early morning coyote -DennisDavenportPhotography.com

We believe that the land can bring us together, wildlife can teach us, and water can nurture our spirit. Salmon charge upstream with wild determination, mountain goats scramble craggy foothills with impressive dexterity, and tiny fledglings are born with the innate courage to fly. As Northwesterners, we find unstoppable strength in stepping outside our comfort zones; we summit mountains and hike hillsides, jump in cold rivers, and try out new adventures from birdwatching to backyard restoration. No matter your endeavor or your experience level, nature unites us in approaching life fearlessly.

Columbia Land Trust’s new Conservation Agenda provides a bold framework for our next 25 years in protecting our corner of the world. It’s our promise that we’ll be honest, listen, and address the threats that face our region’s lands, waters, and wildlife. We look to the future with a sharpened focus and a commitment to creating a new conservation movement. A movement that is equitable, shared, and stronger as a result. A movement that requires us to be fearless for this remarkable place we call home.

Join us this year in being bold. Share the Northwest people, places, and wildlife that inspire you by tagging #FearlessNature to your photos.

Be Truthful. Be Gentle. Be Fearless. 


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