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Conservation Report: 2022-2023

Download our most recent Conservation Report for a comprehensive look at our past successes and upcoming projects.

View previous reports:
2022-2023 Conservation Report
2021 – 2022 Conservation Report
2019-2020 Conservation Report
2018-2019 Conservation Report
2017-2018 Conservation Report
2016-2017 Conservation Report



Fieldbook, Fall 2023

In this issue of Fieldbook, learn how we became the first Land Trust in the state to utilize an innovative new program to conserve Washington farmland, and read about our adaptive approach to science-based stewardship. This issue also features a spotlight on Susanna Summers, our new Individual Giving Officer, and includes the link to view trail camera footage of various wildlife enjoying a popular watering hole in a forest conserved by Columbia Land Trust!


Fieldbook, Spring 2023

In this issue of Fieldbook, learn how our partnership with Hood River Valley Parks & Recreation District led to the construction of a new trail segment in the Powerdale Natural Area, how land management practices at two sites are helping Pacific Salmon thrive, and about the conservation of almost 1,000 acres of forest in partnership with the Wiancko family.


Fieldbook, Fall 2022

In this issue of Fieldbook, learn about the major restoration project recently completed along Nelson Creek, a tributary of the Elochoman River, and read about how a major funding award will shape the future of the East Cascades Oak Partnership




Fieldbook, Spring 2022

In this issue of Fieldbook, learn how the Wishpush Working Group is working to retain, restore, and re-home beavers in the Yakima Nation’s Southern Territories and get to know the incredible team behind the Backyard Habitat Certification Program.



Fieldbook, Winter 2021

In this issue of Fieldbook, we explore exciting conservation updates from the Oregon Coast, celebrate the resilient Sitka spruce, and remember Liz Cebula, a longtime friend of the Land Trust.




Fieldbook, Spring 2021

In this issue of Fieldbook we look back at an extraordinary year for the Backyard Habitat Certification program, look forward to much-anticipated plans for the Nelson Creek Swamp floodplain, and celebrate the skunk cabbage and other signals of springtime.

Our species spotlight features the Columbian White-Tailed Deer and we introduce three new Columbia Land Trust staff members!


Fieldbook, Winter 2020

In this issue of Fieldbook, we explore how Columbia Land Trust is managing forestland for the realities of climate change and learn about the Green Workforce and how we are building relationships focused on equity. We dive into the newly-formed Oregon Agricultural Trust and how it aims to ensure a farming future across the state. We also hear from you on how nature has inspired you and how you’ve reflected with nature over the last several months.


Fieldbook cover featuring a photo of a black bearFieldbook, Spring 2020

This issue of Fieldbook, we learn about the power of Northwest forests to sequester carbon as a climate change mitigation strategy. Author and ecologist Robert Michael Pyle introduces us to his remarkable and resilient home waters on the Grays River. Learn about a restoration forestry effort on the wild east shore of Willapa Bay, read about our vision for inclusive community engagement, and get an update on the successful conservation of Wildboy Creek!

Fieldbook, Winter 2019

This issue of Fieldbook, we take an in-depth look at natural climate solutions and learn more about how Columbia Land Trust is a stakeholder in this work. We head out to the Washougal River and spend some time at our latest project, Wildboy, a conservation opportunity area that is inviting a partnership between the Land Trust and Cowlitz Indian Tribe. We’ll also hear from some new writers this issue, including Backyard Habitat Certification Program Coordinator Rachael Steinke.


Fieldbook, Summer 2019

A boating excursion to Astoria’s South Tongue Point, reflections from Land Trust Executive Director Glenn Lamb, and looking to nature for education and inspiration with Caldera Arts — welcome to our Summer issue of Fieldbook. This issue also includes our 2018 Annual Report, featuring project highlights, financials, and a letter from our Board of Directors President Wendy Gerlach.

Read the 2018 Annual Report


Fieldbook, Spring 2019

Growth, change, and new ways of life — welcome to our Spring issue of Fieldbook.

Fieldbook, Winter 2018

Our last Fieldbook of 2018 is now out! This issue, we take a few pages to explore the Land Trust’s relationship with place, people, and purpose and see how all of this impacts our goal of protecting our vital Northwest landscape.



Fieldbook, Summer 2018

In this issue, we celebrate two major conservation wins on the south side of Mount St. Helens and in Washington’s Klickitat Canyon. We also share our 2017 Annual Report featuring project highlights, financials, and a letter from our Board of Directors President Wendy Gerlach.



Fieldbook, Spring 2018

In this issue, we break open some preconceived notions about unloved wildlife from moles to spiders, what it looks like to be an outdoors person, and how climate resilience informs our work.


Fieldbook, Winter 2017

In this issue, we share how paleontologists are filling gaps in the Northwest’s fossil record on shorelines conserved by Columbia Land Trust, discover how urban communities are making more time and space for nature through the Backyard Habitat Certification Program, and how interest in Hood River steelhead habitat has inspired a unique collaboration.



Fieldbook, Summer 2017

In this issue, we explore a new tool that could radically improve how we determine the land’s ecological integrity, put the spotlight on the Pacific Coast’s imperiled marbled murrelets, and share our 2016 Annual Report with project highlights and major milestones for Northwest conservation.


Fieldbook, Spring 2017

In this issue, we interview the Northwest’s leading lepidopterist on his and co-author Caitlin C. LaBar’s upcoming book, Butterflies of the Pacific Northwest, share our bold vision to conserve 10,000 acres of forestland in the Klickitat Canyon, and chat with our newest board member and Yakama Nation citizen on her work at the Columbia River Intertribal Fish Commission (CRTFC).

Fieldbook, Winter 2016

In this issue, we highlight habitat restoration projects that took place over the summer and fall months, from tidal floodplain reconnection efforts in the Columbia River Estuary to salmon habitat improvement projects along tributaries such as Washington’s Rock Creek and Oregon’s Sandy River. In addition, we look at the different ways in which Northwesterners connect with the outdoors, from volunteer excursions to intergenerational hunting traditions.

Fieldbook cover

Fieldbook, Summer 2016

In this issue, we explore a sampling of the botanical rarities nestled throughout the Columbia River region, share the story of how a nursery in a unique ecoregion spurred a powerful partnership, and reveal our 2015 Annual Report including project highlights and conservation and restoration milestones.

Fieldbook, Spring 2016

In this issue, we explain how the recent conservation of 541 acres in the Vancouver Lake lowlands supports sandhill cranes, share stories of how Backyard Habitats can transform people as well as landscapes, and show how the Land Trust tackles the herculean task of planting 200,000 trees throughout its service area. Plus: A major milestone in the conservation of Mill Creek Ridge, a look at our Young Ambassadors program, and upcoming tour opportunities.