2015 Year-End Report - Columbia Land Trust
In its 25th year, Columbia Land Trust conserved and restored meaningful lands from the Pacific Ocean to The Dalles, while investing in the people that help the Northwest thrive.

It’s been a big year for conservation in the Northwest. Our 2015 Conservation & Restoration Report offers an overview of our work across our service area, beginning with the estuaries at the mouth of the mighty Columbia River and Coast Range, through the Willamette Valley and Puget Trough, across the verdant West Cascades, and on to the oak woodlands and golden ridges of the East Cascades and the Columbia Plateau. For each of these distinct ecoregions, the report details recently conserved lands, pending land acquisitions, and stewardship projects. Download the Full Report.

2015 Conservation & Restoration Report

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As the year draws to a close, we’d like to thank all the donors, volunteers, staff, advisors, partners, and community leaders who made 2015 such a successful year. The accomplishments in this report were only possible through the generosity and trust of our supporters and friends throughout the region.

Preserving the nature of the Northwest in the coming years will require a unique blend of experience, expertise, and empathy. Thanks to your support, we’ve built a strong organization, and we’re poised to leverage that strength into more far-reaching and effective conservation. We invite you to guide and inform our work moving forward. Together, we’ll ensure future generations have the opportunity to know and love this land the way we do today.

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