Ramona Creek Falls. Photo by Doug Gorsline

Our Mission & Vision

Columbia Land Trust  conserves and cares for the Northwest places you love—the places that provide all of us well-being and an unrivaled quality of life. Learn more about our mission and our work. 

Our Staff

At Columbia Land Trust, we often talk about our accomplishments in terms of land, water, and wildlife, but the truth is that we’re in the people business. Building strong relationships is at the core of our work, and caring for those relationships is as important as caring for the land we own. Get to know our staff.

Board of Directors

It’s no small thing that Columbia Land Trust’s board of directors is ultimately accountable to ensuring that conserved lands stay protected forever. Learn about our current roster of board members.

Advisory Council

Our Advisory Council is charged with reaching out to communities throughout our region and building support for our mission and vision. Many former board members continue to serve on the Advisory Council.  View our current Advisory Council roster.

Young Ambassadors

Our energetic Young Ambassadors focus on cultivating the next generation of conservation supporters through volunteer efforts and community outreach. Learn more.

Careers & Internships

Our small but growing organization occasionally has open positions as well as internships for people looking to gain land-stewardship experience. Learn more about our available positions.

Press Room

Check out our recent media and news clips and our archive of Fieldbook, which is full of inspiring stories from the Columbia River region. Are you a member of the press? Email Communications Manager Jay Kosa. He’s happy to help, whether you need a fast quote, an expert source, maps, images, or original source material.


As we grow the number of lands we conserve , so must we grow our resources to ensure those lands can care for those lands forever. We are proud to share our Audit Reports and 990s with you.

Donor List

Thank you donors: We couldn’t do this work without you! To save on paper and printing, our 2014 Donor List lives here.

Lands Database

Our open-source lands database tracks the story and progress of every piece of land we own or manage, from landowner communications and site evaluations, to maps and annual site monitoring, to ongoing restoration projects and volunteer days. Learn more about the Lands Database.

Privacy Policy

Learn about our privacy policy.