The Witness Tree - Columbia Land Trust

In the Grays River watershed, something extraordinary is growing. Towering over a peaceful creek, an ancient western hemlock tree stands as a testament to the past, present, and future.  

Hemlock is valuable timber, particularly for papermaking, and most of the older forests here were cleared over the last century. Why this big old hemlock still stands is puzzling. Our best guess? It’s a Witness Tree left uncut by loggers to mark a property boundary. This tree has seen big changes all around, from the ancient history of our iconic Northwest forests to the more recent history of our working forests. 

This tree is more than a witness. It is a living, giving member of its community. Like you, it is generous even when times are difficult. The nature of the Northwest always gives back, and like you, the very nature of the Northwest stands apart.   

It can be you who gives us the power to take on projects that would have been unthinkable a decade ago. You can bring new places and natural treasures into our care, adding an average of four acres of newly protected lands every day. You can make a difference in the future of people and wildlife in the Northwest by making a gift to Columbia Land Trust.