[In the Media] Chinook Observer features Wallacut River restoration - Columbia Land Trust
The Chinook Observer takes an in-depth look at Columbia Land Trust's efforts to restore 113 acres of wetland habitat along the Wallacut River in Pacific County, Washington.

A recent article by The Chinook Observer’s David Plechl details the Land Trust’s restoration efforts, which aim to reconnect the Wallacut River to its historic floodplain. The Land Trust’s activities include removing a push-up tide gate, recontouring four channels and breaching sections of a levee, which will allow juvenile salmon to once again access vital rearing habitat. In addition to salmon species, these restored wetlands and channels will provide important habitat for fish such as Sculpin, stickleback,  and starry flounder, along with river otters and numerous migratory bird species.

In the article, Plechl interviews Land Trust Stewardship Director Ian Sinks and Caitlin Alcott, a hydrologist and ecologist with Inter-Fluve, the firm that has provided the engineering and design for most of the project.

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