[Virtual Event] Places of Pika - Columbia Land Trust
In the Columbia River Gorge, the adorable and resilient American Pika are making a comeback after the Eagle Creek fire.

This event has already taken place, but you can view the recording below. 

One of the Columbia River Gorge’s most adorable inhabitants is the small, fuzzy, and adaptable American Pika. If you enjoy hiking in the Gorge, you may have been lucky enough to catch them poking out from their rocky habitat or have heard their distinctive, high-pitched “eeps.”

Join us to learn all about pika with Steven Clark, Professor of Biology at Clark College who has spent years helping study this unique species in the heart of the Land Trust’s service region. Facing threats from climate change to habitat loss, these creatures are a remarkable example of nature’s resilience.  Forest Conservation Director Cherie Kearney will also share how Columbia Land Trust is conserving critical areas of connectivity that benefit wildlife like pika throughout the Gorge.