[Virtual Event] Evergreen Circle Appreciation - Columbia Land Trust
We want to celebrate our monthly donors by taking a closer look at the five distinct eco-regions within our service area.


Evergreen Circle celebrates our monthly donors that have pledged an ongoing commitment to protecting the lands, waters, and wildlife of the Columbia River region. By making a monthly gift to Columbia Land Trust, you are ensuring that our most treasured natural spaces remain thriving and wild for generations to come.

We invite our current Evergreen Circle members to take a dive into the five, ecologically distinct ecoregions within our service area. We’ll Join Land Trust Conservation Director Dan Roix to learn how we work to address the unique threats and priorities for land conservation and stewardship in each region.

We’ll also hear how your support as a member of Evergreen Circle is making it possible for the Land Trust to accomplish permanent and lasting conservation throughout the Columbia River region.

Whether you’re already a member of Evergreen Circle or are interested in learning more about becoming a monthly donor, we encourage you to join us for our upcoming event!

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