The Backyard Program Continues to Grow - Columbia Land Trust
BHCP officially expands into Clark county.

After months of anticipation, The Backyard Habitat Certification Program officially broke ground in Clark County last month, and made front page news of The Columbian! BHCP was featured in all of its glory, as The Columbian took a photo tour of SW Washington resident Toree Hiebert’s Vancouver home. Her yard became certified on May 4th, 2019. Read the full story here.

Washington residents can now participate in the BHCP program and work towards creating healthy habitats in their own backyards. The program has continued to grow throughout Portland over the past several years at an accelerated pace. Expanding into SW Washington was a natural next step, and the waitlists are already filling up! For more information on the Backyard Habitat Certification Program, visit

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The Backyard Habitat Certification Program is a partnership with Portland Audubon.