[In the Media] Sandhill crane project graces cover of The Columbian - Columbia Land Trust
The June 9th issue of The Columbian detailed Columbia Land Trust's plans to farm 541 acres west of Vancouver Lake for the benefit of migrating sandhill cranes.

Since Columbia Land Trust acquired 541 acres of farmland from the Port of Vancouver this past winter, we’ve turned our efforts toward restoring and stewarding the land in ways that encourage state-listed sandhill cranes to stop over on their migrations between California’s Central Valley and southeastern Alaska. Dameon Pesanti’s article, Columbia Land Trust project benefits sandhill cranes, details how the Land Trust will grow corn, peas, and sorghum in experimental plots to determine how best to grow and present the nutritious grains for migrating sandhill cranes. The article also touches on the Land Trust’s plans to build up visual barriers around the perimeter of the property so that birds aren’t stressed while they feed. Read the full article.

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