Resilience Is In Our Nature - Columbia Land Trust
We hope you enjoy our new short film that shares the communities in Oregon we see, work within, and learn from.

It’s necessary to acknowledge this year, Get Outdoors Day Oregon is taking place during what is certainly a most challenging, uncertain, and traumatic time for many people across the state and within our nation. The mere act of “getting outdoors” is something that not everyone can embrace, it’s a privilege, and for some, it’s met with the fear of violence and discrimination. We as conservationists and environmentalists must acknowledge this reality and take action in standing up against it.

Columbia Land Trust does not take lightly the situations that are happening in our world and our communities, we are having conversations internally and externally to listen and understand how we as conservationists can do better. How we can show up better for the communities we work within. How we can listen, and how we can take action without doing harm. We stand in support of the movement for Black lives, in defense of Black lives, and condemn the violence, brutality, and hatred we’ve seen against the Black community. We recognize and celebrate PRIDE month this month, and we send love to our LGBTQ+ community and all those with intersectional identity.

Today we share a new piece of work, a short film titled Resilience Is In Our Nature. Our goal with this film was to tell you a visual story of some of the communities within Oregon we see, we work within, and we learn from. Whether it’s putting a mask on and getting outside for a walk, learning how to thrive and grow while staying at home during a quarantine, maintaining balance physically and mentally in local green spaces, or keeping a small business afloat by staying open and serving food to the public – this is the fabric of what makes our neighborhoods, our cities, and our state a special place to live. This is our community. We hope to inspire you with this work.

-Dez Ramirez, Community Engagement Manager

Resilience Is In Our Nature by Brady Holden, Columbia Land Trust
‘Resilience’ poem by Dez Ramirez, narrated by Maryam Tu