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The places and observations from those who #ReflectWithNature

Over the last several months, we have looked to nature for lessons in healing and resiliency. We reached out to you to hear how you reflected with nature and what places you’ve found comfort in during these difficult times:

Taaj Armstrong

It has been a challenging year for everyone: events that have forced our country to confront the racism of its past and present; a worsening global pandemic, which has changed our lives both personally and economically; and the devastating wildfires unleashed by our changing climate…This summer…with all of the heaviness and trauma…I found myself emotionally depleted. I called up my dear friend…and I asked if I could tag along with her on her next hike. We went to Pup Creek Falls. Being outside, hearing the racing water, smelling the forest, and the sound of my feet on the forest floor gave me an instant release of all that I was carrying.


Kate VanNice Shafer

Some of my most memorable backpacking trips have been through forests that were burnt by wildfires. There is something inspiring and hopeful in seeing the first signs of recovery that come after the flames. I have been reflecting a lot on this trip through Three Sisters Wilderness my husband and I took back in July as we cope with our community being hit by wildfires. It is devastating to see the destruction and loss, but for every post I’ve seen about the hurt our area is experiencing, I have also seen countless posts offering assistance and helping hands to those in need. This year has been difficult beyond measure, but looking at this picture of a field of shooting stars thriving in a burnt forest I am reminded that one day we will look back and see that even though things will be much different than before, we have an opportunity for new growth because of what we have gone through.



Rebecca Ballweber Roberts

This is from Mill Creek Ridge — one of my favorite places
in the world!








In these times of social distancing, we encourage you to continue to share your reflections with nature, your favorite places, and inspiring photos with us by using #fearlessnature on your social posts. Don’t forget to tag us too!