Join us at the Hood River Library on June 27 to learn about the Powerdale Recreation and Access Plan, including challenges to access and our vision for recreation in the Powerdale corridor of the Lower Hood River.

Columbia Land Trust will present the new Powerdale Recreation and Access Plan to the public on June 27 at a meeting hosted by the Hood River Watershed Group from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. at the Hood River Library.  The public will hear the details of the plan so far and learn how to influence its contents going forward.

Locals love the Powerdale section of the Hood River for fishing, walking, swimming, or just enjoying nature close to home. Still, relatively few know how that land is being managed, who owns it, or what changes might affect public access in the near future. We encourage anyone who loves this special place to come to the presentation on June 27 to learn more and share their thoughts about the future of recreation in the Powerdale corridor.

The riverside corridor of land from the old Powerdale powerhouse to the former Copper Dam site has a long history of recreational use. The utility company PacifiCorp (locally called Pacific Power), allowed public access when it owned the land as part of the Powerdale Hydroelectric Project. After dam removal and powerhouse decommissioning, the associated properties were transferred to Hood River County and Columbia Land Trust in 2013.

These new owners and a stakeholder advisory committee developed the Powerdale Recreation and Access Plan with help from the National Park Service’s Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance program.  This document describes a vision for environmentally sensitive recreational use at Powerdale but it also describes the many issues that complicate that vision. It is a “living document” that will change over time in response to new information, conditions, and public input, which can be given at the June 27 meeting.

Some of the key topics addressed in the plan include whether or not to maintain public drive-in access to the old powerhouse parking lot, the problem of trespass on the Mt. Hood Railroad tracks and the feasibility of developing a legal pedestrian crossing, and how to reestablish public access to the former dam site.

Download the Powerdale Recreation & Access Plan>>