#OurCuriousNature - Columbia Land Trust
photo by Ken Shultz

It’s hard to live in the Pacific Northwest and not develop a love for the outdoors.

We all have our own ways and reasons. Some explore new trails and backroad adventures, others spend weekends gardening in the backyard or relaxing in a neighborhood park, and still others work the land for a living. No matter how we connect with nature, the connection helps us slow down, look closer, breathe easier, and see the world with fresh eyes. The more we listen to and learn about the world around us, the deeper our reverence, awe, and curiosity grow.

Join us in celebrating our curious nature. Embrace your inner naturalist. Take some time to peer into nature and think about the living things around you. Ask the names of the plants that line your path and the animal tracks that cross it. Ponder how the public parks, forests, and coasts we enjoy came to be protected. Consider those who walked these lands before us and those who will do so in the years to come. Let your sense of wonder unfurl.

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