The Oregon I Am - Columbia Land Trust
Columbia Land Trust is thrilled to announce the release of a new map of places you can visit in Oregon!

The Coalition of Oregon Land Trusts (COLT) has released a new map to help Oregonians connect with more outdoor spaces. This first-of-its-kind map highlights 81 different locations throughout the state that anyone can visit, all of them made possible in part by Oregon’s system of nonprofit land trusts .The PDF-format map is available at when you enter your name and email address.

“The Coalition of Oregon Land Trusts has 30 members—nonprofits covering every corner of Oregon,” said Kelley Beamer, executive director of the Coalition of Oregon Land Trusts. “Many of their properties, or properties they’ve helped conserve, have been open to the public for years. But only now have they been compiled in one place and all of them visible on one map. This is your go-to resource to discover a new family favorite picnic spot, or walk, or riverside hangout. And it’s an invitation for everyone living in Oregon to step outside and to safely connect to each other and the wonder of our lands,” Beamer said.

The website––reflects the name of the project, The Oregon I Am. A play on the word “Oregonian,” it is a collaborative project to celebrate Oregon land and communities, and to invite more people to enjoy the great outdoors. The work also includes events later this year (more below). All of the locations on the map are places you can visit and were, in some way, supported by the work of land trusts.

This new list of 81 places you can visit thanks to land trusts roughly compares, in size, to Oregon’s State Park system. Add this land trust map to your list of places you already enjoy—your neighborhood park, state parks, national forests and even your own backyard.

Not all 81 sites are open year-round and some require access by boat or visit via a guided tour. Many have rules to protect wildlife and native plants. Before planning a visit, please visit the highlighted organization for. When you click on map information, you will be directed to a website that has information specific to the place you want to visit.

Oregonians are also invited to share what about Oregon is special to them. We invite everyone, whether they visit a location on the map or not, to post to social media with #oregoniam and share their answers.

We are proud to have seven properties that we conserve included in this map!

Ainsworth State Park

Beth Ryan Nature Preserve

Keller Woodlands

Mill Creek Ridge Natural Area

Mosier Waterfall Park 

Powerdale Corridor 

Twilight Eagle Sanctuary 

About COLT: The Coalition of Oregon Land Trusts (COLT) serves and strengthens the land trust community in Oregon. At COLT, we build connections and advance policies that help protect our natural world—our water, wildlife and open space—for all people, forever. This work helps our coalition members—30 conservation organizations around the state—do what they do best: protect wildlife and wild places, defend working farms and forests, provide recreation and parks, drive climate solutions and science, champion clean water for all and engage communities to protect our natural world.

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