Lindsay Cornelius

[Project Update] Haul Road Closure!
6/7/2015: Construction is underway to improve fish and wildlife habitat on the lower end of the haul road.  Read on for updates about construction schedules, access, and project information.
Klickitat Haul Road: Access Update

The Klickitat River Haul Road corridor is now open to non-motorized, passive recreation.  Please observe posted rules and use caution when navigating recently restored areas.…

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Special Visit to the Haul Road Project

Columbia Land Trust had a surprise visitor on the Klickitat River yesterday afternoon.  Eileen Sobeck, Assistant Administrator for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), was in the area touring salmon recovery projects with her regional staff and the Yakama Nation Fisheries Program when they decided to drop in on Columbia Land Trust’s Haul Road…

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Bobcat Sighting on the Klickitat

I was walking through a pine and oak forest at Bowman Creek, juggling a chainsaw and fencing tools, inspecting the barbed wire for winter damage. It was early April and the cattle on our neighbor’s property would be let out to graze in two weeks time. The cluster lilies and lomatiums were in full bloom…

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