Conserving the Nature You Love - Columbia Land Trust

At Columbia Land Trust, what we do is simple: We conserve and care for the nature of the Columbia River region, in both Oregon and Washington.

We work with urgency and with purpose. Our lands have high conservation value, whether as working landscapes or as habitat for plants and wildlife. As we conserve land, our stewardship team builds long-term management plans for each place, based on the best available science, to ensure the land we steward is as healthy as it can be.

Land conservation can bring people together. We all value land, water, and wildlife (though not always in the same way). Differences do not dissuade us—they inspire us to find smarter, better solutions. It’s not always easy, but we find places where our values intersect.

Our positive, relationship-based approach has helped us become one of the most respected land trusts in the country. To date, we’ve conserved more than 56,000 acres around the Columbia River and its many tributaries, stretching from The Dalles to the Pacific Ocean.

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