In Memoriam: Ed & Eddie McAninch - Columbia Land Trust
Celebrating Ed and Eddie

Edward “Ed” McAninch, passed away on December 27, 2018, joining his late wife of 66 years, Edwyna “Eddie” McAninch. Ed and Eddie were donors and friends of Columbia Land Trust for more than 22 years. Ed and Eddie loved the world and traveled it extensively. Their passions took them to all seven continents, and Ed, to many political demonstrations, where he staunchly defended the environment. Ed volunteered for the Land Trust and got to know many of our staff. A true force of life, he shared our passion for nature and love of science. For all their generous support and appreciation of our work during their long lives, Ed and Eddie also made a gift to Columbia Land Trust through their will as members of our Heritage Circle legacy giving program. A lasting legacy of lives well lived. Their gift will ensure clean water, wildlife habitat, and conserved lands for generations to come.

We Celebrate Ed & Eddie. They will not be soon forgotten.

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