If you're visiting the Klickitat River Haul Road restoration site this summer, here's some information about ongoing construction and river conditions.

Haul Road Construction Underway

Update: 7/21/2017

Good news!  Regulators are in the process of approving our request to isolate our first in-water work site.  This means turbidity impacts from this part of the work site will not be felt as readily by users downstream.  We don’t expect any project related turbidity through at least next week until we remove the silt curtain.  When we anticipate getting in-water in a way that will impact turbidity (at least a week out of this), we’ll calculate expected flush times.  Please contact us for more information.

Update: 7/10/2017

Construction is underway to remove the final three of eight miles of failed, privately-owned, paved road along the Klickitat River, where Columbia Land Trust is restoring floodplain processes that shape important habitat features for fish and other aquatic life. The Land Trust has hired BCI Contracting and, in partnership with Yakama Nation Fisheries Program, aim to complete this final phase of construction by the end of September. We will post regular updates about our progress, the duration and frequency of the work, and expected impacts to water quality. For more information about the Klickitat River Haul Road site read our project overview.

Work began in June three miles downstream of Dead Canyon and is progressing upstream toward Dead Canyon.  We are currently excavating in the vicinity of Stinson Flat Campground. River and campground users can expect construction noise during the day and possibly at night.

Turbidity Update

To date, this phase of construction has had no impact on water quality. We have not been working in water, but we intend to begin in-water work this week. We will try to time our work to reduce impacts downstream, which could mean we do construction at night, we do a swing shift, or, if natural turbidity is high, we work days to maximize our efficiency. We are monitoring the impacts of our project and are working closely with the permitting agencies. Columbia Land Trust and BCI Contracting are committed to implementing best management practices to reduce turbidity, but turbidity cannot be eliminated for every in-water work site. When fire restrictions are imposed, we’ll have less flexibility about the timing of our work. To learn more, read our Haul Road restoration FAQ sheet.

Please check in for regular updates and feel free to call the project manager, Lindsay Cornelius, with any concerns or questions at (360) 696-0131.