The Klickitat River Haul Road corridor is now open to non-motorized, passive recreation.  Please observe posted rules and use caution when navigating recently restored areas.

Construction Update:
This fall marked the fifth active phase of construction in a process that will ultimately restore 8 miles of the Klickitat River.  This project represents a unique and powerful opportunity to restore healthy function to a significant reach of the Klickitat River, but we want to implement the project in a way that minimizes impacts to the river and its people.  To reduce impacts to fishermen, we have delayed remaining in-water work until July 2015.  If you experience challenging conditions on the river you feel are related to our project, please contact Lindsay at 360-921-1073 or by email at  You can check our website for updates on the in-water work schedule so you can plan your visit to the river accordingly.  Thank you for your patience!

Schedule Update:  As of 10/20/2014
Construction ended on October 8, 2014.  The site has been secured against runoff and has been prepared for overwintering until work can be completed in July, 2015.  No turbidity is being generated by project construction at this time.  Natural conditions during the fall, winter, and spring can vary highly and predictably following rain events.  Please refer to NOAA’s Northwest River Forecast Center, click on the Klickitat River and a graph will appear showing discharge rates, both observed and predicted.  The spikes follow rain events and turbidity usually rises and falls, with some lag time, with discharge.  The website is found here:

Please let us know if you have any questions.  We’ll provide updates on progress and conditions nearer July.

Thank you so much for helping us protect and care for this wonderful place.