Join us this Thursday, September 21st, as we kick off our Fearless Conservation campaign with a day of giving in Southwest Washington


give more 24 logoAt Columbia Land Trust, we believe that the land can bring us together, wildlife can teach us, and water can nurture our spirit. As Northwesterners, we find strength in stepping outside our comfort zones. We summit mountains and hike hillsides, try out new adventures from birdwatching to backyard restoration, and take time to simply stop and smell the crisp fall air. No matter your endeavor, nature unites us in approaching life fearlessly.

It’s in this spirit that we have drafted a new Conservation Agenda, a bold framework to guide our efforts to protect the nature of the Northwest over the next 25 years. This agenda is our response to the greatest challenges of our time: a growing population, a changing climate, and a widening disconnect between people and the natural world around them. We look to the future with a sharpened focus and a commitment to creating a new conservation movement. A movement that is equitable, shared, and stronger as a result. A movement that requires us to be fearless in protecting this remarkable place we call home.

On Thursday, September 21st, the Community Foundation for Southwest Washington is hosting Give More 24!, an annual day of giving when hundreds of people will go online and donate in support of their favorite causes, including the environment. This is a unique opportunity for people in Southwest Washington to show their love for the local organizations working hard to help improve their communities. It’s also a way for Oregonians who enjoy all that Washington has to offer to show their support.

This year, our goal is to raise $5,500 in a single day. This is an especially great day to give because generous donors at the Witte Family Charitable Fund have agreed to match the first $2,100 donated, dollar for dollar. 

Each dollar donated on Thursday will help us meet the objectives outlined across five ecoregions spanning the Columbia River. This includes planting trees and restoring rivers in the Coast Range, expanding our Backyard Habitat Certification Program in the Portland-Vancouver metro area, and conserving thousands of more acres of natural lands that would otherwise be lost to development and fragmentation.

Throughout the day on September 21st, we’ll keep you posted on our progress toward our goal via social media, while at the same time sharing the stories from bold, leading voices in local conservation. We hope you’ll be inspired to join them in lending your voice and your support.

Join us. Give fearlessly on the 21st. The nature you hold dear depends on you now more than ever.

Thank you.

PS: You can also join our campaign by sharing photos and videos of the Northwest people, places, and wildlife that inspire you with the hashtag #FearlessNature.