Five Ways You Make Our Work Possible - Columbia Land Trust
Together, we are making the Columbia River Region better

2018 was a banner year for nature in the Northwest, and it’s all thanks to you.

Our communities are healthier. The air and water, cleaner. Wild places that were quickly being lost, have been saved.

Last year, you ensured 11,360 more acres of forests, rivers, wetlands, and grasslands will endure forever. Places that provide critical habitat for fish and wildlife—and benefits like clean air and water.

You made stewardship and restoration of the nature you love, possible. In forests, wetlands, and urban areas, more than 126,000 native trees and shrubs were added to the landscape, making both urban neighborhoods and wild places healthier. And these plants will sequester carbon emissions as they grow. In other words, you’re contributing to natural climate solutions right where you live.

We appreciate your generosity, and we hope you take heart in knowing you’re helping to build a Northwest that is vibrant, thriving, and wild.

We are beaming with delight for the difference you made in 2018 — conserving the nature you love.

Thank you.