Explore our Klickitat Canyon StoryMap - Columbia Land Trust
Scroll through interactive maps and amazing videos and photos to learn the ins and outs of the Klickitat Canyon Conservation Area.

In July 2020, after 12 years of planning and collaboration, we at Columbia Land Trust realized our vision for the 11,000-acre Klickitat Canyon Conservation Area. It’s hard to overstate the uniqueness and importance of this transitional landscape, which bridges upland and lowland habitat and spans fir forests, oak and pine woodlands, and grasslands. Of course, there’s also the Klickitat River itself, a crucial salmon and steelhead river, the upper two-thirds of which are now protected through some level of conservation. It is a place of deep cultural and ecological significance. The 11,000 acres conserved by the Land Trust fills in a gap between conserved lands on the closed portion of the Yakama Indian Reservation, and a collection of state and federal conserved lands managed by various agencies.

We’ve assembled this ArcGIS Story Map to blend interactive maps with photos, videos, and narratives and help put the Land Trust’s largest-ever conservation achievement in context with the broader conservation vision for the Klickitat River watershed. You’ll see what we mean when we talk about landscape-scape conservation.


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