2018-2019 Conservation Report - Columbia Land Trust
Take an in-depth look at how and where we are conserving and restoring land in the lower Columbia River region.
The cover of the 2018-2019 conservation report depicts four sandhill cranes in flight against a blue sky background

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Each year, thousands of people like you make Columbia Land Trust’s work possible. Supporters carry us forward by donating time and money, joining tours, restoring habitat in backyards and on conserved lands, and spreading the word about their local land trust. Thank you. Our new conservation report highlights the various projects you made happen in 2018, as well as exciting opportunities on the horizon.

Read the full 2018-2019 Conservation Report.

In 2018, your support led to some awe-inspiring feats of conservation and restoration. You conserved 3,200 acres of forestland and stretches of river at Klickitat Canyon. You completed a 12-year, 20,000-acre forestland conservation vision at Mount St. Helens. The Backyard Habitat Certification Program met its goal of enrolling 5,000 properties 3 years ahead of schedule. You made our air and water cleaner. You contributed to natural climate solutions right where you live, and you saved wild places for all time.

Explore the pages of this report for more project highlights and photos of the places, people, and wildlife at the heart of our work. Learn how we’re working to conserve places that will benefit wildlife and ensure clean air and clean water as our climate changes. Read why we’re investing time and resources to support a broader, more inclusive conservation vision for the Northwest.

As you’ll find in the pages of this report, each of us has the power to care for the Northwest in ways that are local, lasting, and rooted in fearless action.