Accreditation Renewed - Columbia Land Trust

Columbia Land Trust is excited to announce that the Land Trust Alliance Accreditation Commission has renewed our accreditation! Accreditation is awarded to Land Trusts that meet the highest national standards for organizational excellence and conservation permanence, and must be renewed every five years through a multi-step process that includes a robust review of documentation and procedures.

Columbia Land Trust is part of a network of more than 900 Land Trust Alliance members across the country that together have conserved more than 60 million acres. We were originally accredited in 2012 and received our first renewal in 2018.

“At Columbia Land Trust, we view our Land Trust Alliance accreditation as a commitment to our supporters, our community, and ourselves,” said General Counsel Steve Cook. “It assures our supporters that their contributions are used effectively, and consistent with best practices. It tells our community that we are a professional and trustworthy partner in conservation. Internally, it’s both a roadmap for how to do things right and an affirmation that we are working at the leading edge of land conservation. Renewing and maintaining our accreditation is a lot of work, but it is worth it.”

For more information, visit the Land Trust Alliance’s website.