[Film] Columbia Land Trust + the Northwest’s First Organic Dairy Farm = Good Milk Forever - Columbia Land Trust
A Video About a Trout Lake Valley Farm that Will Stay A Farm Forever

Troutlake Valley

Meet Robert Schmid and his wonderful family. A fourth-generation Trout Lake Valley dairy farmer, Robert runs about 450 happy cows on his property near the base of Mount Adams; their milk supplies the Organic Valley brand. Robert loves his land—and he loves working on it. But the very things that make Trout Lake Valley a great place to grow crops and raise cattle, also makes it attractive to developers. When large houses started appearing in the valley and taking farm land out of production, Robert donated a conservation easement to Columbia Land Trust. His easement permanently removes development rights on a portion of his property. It’s a move that guarantees that his farm will remain a farm, that Trout Lake Valley will remain a bucolic and bountiful place, and that our food supplies can stay close to home. We hope you enjoy Robert’s story as much as we do! –Columbia Land Trust Staff