Beth Ryan Nature Preserve - Columbia Land Trust
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Columbia Land Trust’s Beth Ryan Nature Preserve is a 2.3-acre property located in Lake Oswego. It is comprised primarily of a forested wetland with an upland area that supports a short trail. The trail runs through the property from Summit Dr to Ridgewood Rd and is used mostly by neighboring landowners. The forested wetland supports a perennial pond that collects water from both groundwater and runoff. Several natural springs are evident in the upland portion of the site and are likely present below the surface of the pond. Above the trail, a steep slop supports a lovely stand of Oregon white oak (Quercus garryana).

Beth Ryan Nature Preserve was originally donated to the Three Rivers Land Conservancy (fka Lake Oswego Land Trust) by Arthur Piculell and William Cox in December 1991. Mr. Piculell named the preserve in honor of Beth Ryan, whom he remembered as an early advocate of natural areas preservation in the area. Columbia Land Trust has owned and managed this property for open space and habitat since 2010, working with volunteers and partners to control invasive species and maintain the trail.


Beth Ryan Nature Preserve is located in Lake Oswego, on the southeast side of Iron Mountain Blvd between Summit Drive and Ridgewood Rd. One trailhead is found across from the intersection of Summit Dr and Village Dr while the other trailhead is at the end of the Ridgewood Rd cul-de-sac.