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Creating opportunities for people to connect with nature is part of Columbia Land Trust’s mission.

Many of our conserved lands are open to the public for low-impact activities like hiking, bird watching, photography, fishing, and hunting. Some lands are closed altogether to protect sensitive resources such as rare plants or wildlife.

Columbia Land Trust does not charge any fees for access to conserved lands. If you appreciate this type of public access, we invite you to make a donation to support our conservation work throughout the Columbia River region.

Please review the sections below for information on visiting conserved lands, including hunting permits. Contact us with any questions.

General Land Access
Hunting Rules
Huntable Lands that Require a Permit from State Agencies
Huntable Lands that Require a Permit from Columbia Land Trust
Land Access Questions

General Land Access:

Columbia Land Trust conserved lands are not managed as parks and rarely have developed facilities such as parking lots, restrooms, drinking water, trash cans, or maintained trails. Natural hazards are present on our conserved lands, and we may limit access to protect public safety or natural resources.

Please help us care for these lands by minimizing your impact during your visit. Follow Leave No Trace principles, which include packing out all trash and respecting plants and wildlife. Please be aware that Land Trust staff regularly visit and work on our conserved lands. We will say hello if we see you out there!

Most of our conserved lands are open by permission, and therefore we ask that you contact us before your visit so we can provide updated information on site conditions, guidelines on specific uses of the property, and any current safety concerns.

To request access to our conserved lands for non-hunting purposes, please email us. Include details such as the date, location, and purpose of your visit. You can expect a response within one week.

Check back here for updates as we work to provide more information regarding public access to our lands.


Please adhere to all state and federal hunting regulations, all hunting site-specific rules, as well as the following general rules from Columbia Land Trust: 

  1. Predator hunting is not allowed on any of our conserved lands.
  2. You must have a permit to hunt at the sites listed on the maps below, either from a state agency or Columbia Land Trust.
  3. It is each hunter’s responsibility to know and respect property boundaries, restriction areas, and their location in the field.
  4. Please practice Leave No Trace principles and leave the site as good as or better than you found it. Pack out everything you pack in, including ammunition shells. 
  5. To prevent environmental contamination and wildlife poisoning, we encourage the use of non-lead ammunition. 
  6. Please be aware that other parties may also be present in the area, including Land Trust staff, contractors, and partners working on the site. Proper hunting safety protocols must be followed at all times. 
  7. No motorized vehicle access. 
  8. No camping or fires. 
  9. No game cameras. 
  10. No salt licks or other baiting allowed. 
  11. No blinds, stands, or structures of any kind may be left unattended. 
  12. Do not disturb monitoring stakes, survey markers, or other equipment. 
  13. Keep all gates closed. 
  14. Please report back to the Land Trust any issues or items of interest. We are interested in knowing how your trip went and if you have any ideas, comments, or observations! 

Huntable Lands that Require a Permit from State Agencies:

The following Columbia Land Trust sites are enrolled in state-managed hunting programs, which manage permitting for these sites. The links below contain information about permit application timing and availability. You do not need a Columbia Land Trust hunting permit for these lands. The sites are: 

  • Devil’s Elbow, Wahkiakum County, WA- self-register at the on-site kiosk, more info 
  • Kandoll Farm, Wahkiakum County, WA- self-register at the on-site kiosk, more info 
  • Kerry Island, Columbia County, OR- reserve throughODFW 
  • Wildboy Creek, Skamania County, WA- closed to hunting in 2024 due to ongoing construction related to restoration work. Access will reopen in 2025.  
  • Dillacort Canyon, Klickitat County, WA- reserve through WDFW 
  • Bowman Creek, Klickitat County, WA- deer hunting, part of WDFW’s disabled hunter access program, only open to qualifying individuals hunting deer. Learn more and apply. 
  • Bowman Creek, Klickitat County, WA- turkey hunting. NOTE: currently in the process of becoming managed by WDFW. Check back here for a link to reserve. 

untable Lands that Require a Permit from Columbia Land Trust:

These Columbia Land Trust sites are available for hunting with a permit from Columbia Land Trust. Hunting groups are limited to five people and two vehicles. Due to space constraints and our desire to provide a good hunting experience for all, some sites only allow one hunting party per day.  

To request access for hunting at one of these sites, please fill out the hunting permit request form at least two weeks prior to your hunting trip. Submit one form for each location. Staff will notify you within one week of submission. You may not hunt until you receive an access permit from Columbia Land Trust. 

Due to popularity and space constraints, we run an annual hunting lottery for opening weekend of goose season at the Grays River Confluence in Wahkiakum County. If you wish to enter this lottery, please fill out the hunting permit request format least one month in advance and select yes on the relevant question. 

Questions?Email us.