A Fieldbook for Forests - Columbia Land Trust
The summer edition of our Fieldbook magazine covers major conservation efforts and includes our 2017 Annual Report.

Our newest edition of Fieldbook celebrates Northwest forestlands, both working and wild, with major conservation success from the West and East Cascades.

  • Learn about the Land Trust’s single-largest conservation site to date in Washington’s Klickitat Canyon in Klickitat Always.
  • Discover how our staff worked with a timber company to protect 20,000 acres of forestland from development near Mount St. Helens in Slow & Swift
  • Read our 2017 Annual Report, which includes project highlights, financials, and a letter from our Board of Directors President Wendy Gerlach.
  • Plus, the Land Trust’s Forest Conservation Director Cherie Kearney shares how we’re working to include more culturally and racially diverse perspectives throughout the region. Read Breaking Down the Borders.

You can also read Fieldbook cover to cover by viewing the digital PDFwhich includes The Muse, events, and other information. Interested in receiving issues of our magazine right to your home? We mail copies of our publication to each of our members three times per year. Give to Columbia Land Trust today and you’ll be subscribed automatically!

Fieldbook cover photo by Lenkerbroook Photography