Announcing our 2018 Tour Lineup! - Columbia Land Trust
Explore the nature of the Northwest, fearlessly.

Columbia Land Trust tours offer unforgettable ways to experience the stunning landscapes of the Northwest and connect with people from all backgrounds. Our 2018 tour lineup offers new ways to get out and brings back some classic trips favored by many. We believe that the land can bring us together, wildlife can teach us, and water can nurture our spirit. No matter your experience level, nature unites us in approaching life, fearlessly.

From viewing eagles and learning about tribal treaty rights in the Columbia River Gorge to hiking across a bucolic native meadow to stargazing at the base of Mt. Adams, our tours offer novice naturalists and the experienced conservationists time to connect to nature and disconnect from our busy lives. Try something new this year, get outside, and be fearless.

Be sure to check back on our events page for additional tour announcements, volunteer events, and other events throughout the year.

2018 Tour Schedule