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Haul Road Construction Closure Information- UPDATE 10/31/12

A description of the road closure protocol and how to find out more information on road closure due to fire precaution levels.

UPDATE 10/31/12:  PUBLIC ACCESS - Haul Road Open, No Through Traffic


Haul Road is OPEN from the entrance at Twin Bridges (the south end) to approximately mile post 5 where it remains closed to all public access due to active construction.  Please use caution on the road, as vehicles will be traveling frequently from the construction area south to the gate.  Access is also OPEN from the north end above Dead Canyon, but remains closed south of Beeks Canyon due to active construction.  NO THROUGH TRAFFIC.




Fire Danger Low:  Haul Road Closure Still in Effect

 Our construction project was delayed by the extreme fire risk late this summer, so work continues through October.  The road will remain closed to public access until construction is complete.  We plan on re-opening the road on November 1st.  Please be cautious, as road conditions will have changed. 

We will announce the opening of the road on our website, so check to confirm the exact day of the re-opening. 

Thank you for your patience. 


Haul Road Closed Until October 31, 2012


Due to continued high fire danger and on-going construction, the haul road will be closed until October 31, 2012 to all public access.  Please check our website between now and October 31 for updates.  We’ve had numerous reports of trespassers having campfires along the corridor.  This behavior compromises the health and safety of the public and the valuable natural resources throughout the canyon.  We understand the frustration this late closure may pose and hope you will respect our wishes as the landowner and manager of this important resource and refrain from using the corridor until such time as it is deemed safe to do so.  Thank you for your patience.


The fire precaution level in the Klickitat River watershed has been increased to IFPL 4, which is the most extreme level possible and imposes a general shutdown of all operations on forest land.  As a result, construction on the Phase 3 restoration project has been shut down until conditions improve.  The haul road will continue to be closed to public access until construction is complete and fire danger falls to IFPL 1, hopefully but not necessarily by the end of October.  This includes previously authorized uses such as hunting, fishing or research.  Staff is discussing the necessity of shutting down access to other properties in the watershed and will let you know if the access status changes for other properties.  To get a current status of the fire precaution level, go to


UPDATE 7/20/12:  Haul Road closed as of July 20th.  Expected re-opening September 14th.

 Columbia Land Trust purchased the Klickitat River Haul Road property in 2007 and has been restoring the floodplain through which the failing road passes over subsequent years.  The public enjoys access to the property for biking, hiking, hunting, fishing and other passive recreational activities.  As was practiced by past private landowners and in response to neighbor and community concerns, Columbia Land Trust closes the haul road to all unauthorized public access during periods of high fire risk and during active construction to protect resources and public safety.

 Columbia Land Trust has developed a practical and predictable protocol for road closures, as follows:

 Public access is closed outright during periods of active construction.  These periods will be posted on our website and on signs at the property entrances.

Public access is closed when the Washington State Department of Natural Resources’ Industrial Fire Precaution Level (IFPL) reaches Level 2 or above in region 609E. 

 To find out today’s IFPL in region 609E call 800-527-3305 or follow the link  If these DNR contacts are no longer active, users are responsible for finding out today’s IFPL before entering the property.

Note:  Actual dates of construction closure may fluctuate upon project implementation.  Please check our website for updates prior to visiting the site.  Thank you.


Click here for more information on the Haul Road Restoration Project.

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